Artificial Intelligence:A Double-Edged Sword.

“Primitive forms of AI that we already have,have proved very useful.However,development of full AI could spell the end of human race.”-Professor Hawking.

Nerd's Corner

AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) was born when Alan Turing a British mathematical biologist,computer scientist and crypto-analyst proposed a question in 1950:”Can a machine think”.This was part of the infamous Turing Test,where he set grounds under which computers would be considered intelligent.The concept,alien to many at that point in time-was taken up by John McCarthy a then computer scientist at MIT.He’s well known for developing Lisp,main programming language for AI.He championed mathematical logic for AI.He also developed circumscription and introduced situation calculus.The era of AI research had started.The enthusiasm of developing intelligent machines have always dwarfed the concerns that pertain to what an autonomous omniscient machine would do. Leading scientists have cautioned against reckless research on full AI.Professor Hawking,speaking to BBC cautioned against full AI saying:

Primitive forms of Artificial Intelligence that we already have,have proved very useful.However,development…

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